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Fund Ratings

As at   30/11/2018
Franklin Templeton Investment Funds
Fund NameMorningstar Overall Rating™Lipper Ratings
Franklin Asia Credit FundFranklin Asia Credit Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin Biotechnology Discovery FundFranklin Biotechnology Discovery Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin Brazil Opportunities FundFranklin Brazil Opportunities Fund--
Franklin Diversified Balanced FundFranklin Diversified Balanced Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Diversified Conservative FundFranklin Diversified Conservative Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Diversified Dynamic FundFranklin Diversified Dynamic Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Euro Government Bond FundFranklin Euro Government Bond Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin Euro High Yield FundFranklin Euro High Yield Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin European Corporate Bond FundFranklin European Corporate Bond Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin European Dividend FundFranklin European Dividend Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin European Growth FundFranklin European Growth Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin European Income FundFranklin European Income Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin European Small-Mid Cap Growth FundFranklin European Small-Mid Cap Growth Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin European Total Return FundFranklin European Total Return Fund4RatingRatingRatingRating-
Franklin Euro Short Duration Bond FundFranklin Euro Short Duration Bond Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin Euro Short-Term Money Market FundFranklin Euro Short-Term Money Market Fund--
Franklin Flexible Alpha Bond FundFranklin Flexible Alpha Bond Fund--
Franklin GCC Bond FundFranklin GCC Bond Fund--
Franklin Global Aggregate Bond FundFranklin Global Aggregate Bond Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Global Aggregate Investment Grade Bond FundFranklin Global Aggregate Investment Grade Bond Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Global Convertible Securities FundFranklin Global Convertible Securities Fund5RatingRatingRatingRatingRating-
Franklin Global Fundamental Strategies FundFranklin Global Fundamental Strategies Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin Global Listed Infrastructure FundFranklin Global Listed Infrastructure Fund4RatingRatingRatingRating-
Franklin Global Multi-Asset Income FundFranklin Global Multi-Asset Income Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin Global Real Estate FundFranklin Global Real Estate Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Global Small-Mid Cap Growth FundFranklin Global Small-Mid Cap Growth Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Gold and Precious Metals FundFranklin Gold and Precious Metals Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin High Yield FundFranklin High Yield Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Income FundFranklin Income Fund4RatingRatingRatingRating-
Franklin India FundFranklin India Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin Japan FundFranklin Japan Fund1Rating-
Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies FundFranklin K2 Alternative Strategies Fund--
Franklin K2 Global Macro Opportunities FundFranklin K2 Global Macro Opportunities Fund--
Franklin K2 Long Short Credit FundFranklin K2 Long Short Credit Fund--
Franklin MENA FundFranklin MENA Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin Mutual European FundFranklin Mutual European Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin Mutual Global Discovery FundFranklin Mutual Global Discovery Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Mutual U.S. Value FundFranklin Mutual U.S. Value Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Natural Resources FundFranklin Natural Resources Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Select U.S. Equity FundFranklin Select U.S. Equity Fund2RatingRating-
Franklin Strategic Income FundFranklin Strategic Income Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin Technology FundFranklin Technology Fund5RatingRatingRatingRatingRating-
Franklin U.S. Dollar Liquid Reserve FundFranklin U.S. Dollar Liquid Reserve Fund--
Franklin U.S. Government FundFranklin U.S. Government Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin U.S. Low Duration FundFranklin U.S. Low Duration Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Franklin U.S. Opportunities FundFranklin U.S. Opportunities Fund4RatingRatingRatingRating-
Franklin World Perspectives FundFranklin World Perspectives Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Africa FundTempleton Africa Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Asian Bond FundTempleton Asian Bond Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Asian Growth FundTempleton Asian Growth Fund2RatingRating-
Templeton Asian Smaller Companies FundTempleton Asian Smaller Companies Fund5RatingRatingRatingRatingRating-
Templeton BRIC FundTempleton BRIC Fund2RatingRating-
Templeton China FundTempleton China Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Eastern Europe FundTempleton Eastern Europe Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Emerging Markets Balanced FundTempleton Emerging Markets Balanced Fund4RatingRatingRatingRating-
Templeton Emerging Markets Bond FundTempleton Emerging Markets Bond Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Emerging Markets FundTempleton Emerging Markets Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond FundTempleton Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond Fund--
Templeton Emerging Markets Smaller Companies FundTempleton Emerging Markets Smaller Companies Fund4RatingRatingRatingRating-
Templeton Euroland FundTempleton Euroland Fund4RatingRatingRatingRating-
Templeton Frontier Markets FundTempleton Frontier Markets Fund2RatingRating-
Templeton Global Balanced FundTempleton Global Balanced Fund2RatingRating-
Templeton Global Bond (Euro) FundTempleton Global Bond (Euro) Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Global Bond FundTempleton Global Bond Fund5RatingRatingRatingRatingRating-
Templeton Global Climate Change FundTempleton Global Climate Change Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Global Equity Income FundTempleton Global Equity Income Fund2RatingRating-
Templeton Global FundTempleton Global Fund2RatingRating-
Templeton Global High Yield FundTempleton Global High Yield Fund2RatingRating-
Templeton Global Income FundTempleton Global Income Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Global Smaller Companies FundTempleton Global Smaller Companies Fund2RatingRating-
Templeton Global Total Return FundTempleton Global Total Return Fund4RatingRatingRatingRating-
Templeton Growth (Euro) FundTempleton Growth (Euro) Fund2RatingRating-
Templeton Latin America FundTempleton Latin America Fund3RatingRatingRating-
Templeton Thailand FundTempleton Thailand Fund4RatingRatingRatingRating-


Morningstar ratings are applied at share class level, which means that each share class requires 36 monthly returns before it will be awarded a rating.

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Fund rating definitions

Morningstar Star Rankings Definition

The Morningstar Europe Star Rating provides a ranking of the returns of comparable funds, taking into account fund costs and risk. Ratings are sector specific which means that they are not suitable when comparing funds in different sectors. The key ingredients of the Morningstar Star Rating are:

Morningstar Categories: These bring together funds that have genuinely similar investment policies, as reflected by their portfolio holdings. The relevant parameters are a fund’s investments in particular equity markets in bonds markets or in a combination of both.

Costs inputs: All annual expenses incurred by a fund are already deducted from the raw performance figures. Additionally, the Morningstar Rating systematically takes initial charges into account.

A risk-adjusted return calculation: For all rated funds, 36 months of performance data is combined with a sophisticated measure of risk to give an overall rating.

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